What’s new ?

Experiential Marketing. Certain emerging brands need to be seen to be believed. We’ve developed a hugely effective package for brand exposure to key influential groups, that uses event management and partner media coordination.

Industry Sector Survey tool. We are currently completing the analysis for a number of our industry surveys. For more details contact; geoff.bond@silverhen.comNew Marketing Ideas

Reaching Small Groups. Many B2B and end user companies have a small group of potential purchasers, reaching them needs expert help to save a massive waste of marketing spend. We use direct marketing skills to reach only potential purchasers.

Bringing Brands to Life. Many brand owners know their brands inside out but actually creating a story about the brand and making it come alive is more difficult. We are expert in understanding brands and bringing their stories to life thus building loyalty. To find out more contact; martin.will@silverhen.com

Thinking Small. There is a new approach to helping companies succeed in a competitive market and it runs against the grain of traditional thinking. Instead of taking massive data sets and trying to take over the world thinking small tries to closely target products to groups of purchasers who are most interested in them. This is not only cheaper but allows companies to stay in touch with consumers and build products they want.