What do we do ?

We design and deliver innovative loyalty programmes, partnership marketing promotions, personalised direct marketing and digital campaigns and events, through the nub & gist principle. Firstly, we research the core, most influential element of a business situation – the nub (noun the crux or central point of a matter). The gist (noun denoting sufficient understanding to proceed) is to make sure all surrounding marketing effort builds on the key insight profitably.

New Marketing IdeasThe “Nub & Gist” Principle

When approaching any challenge we try to get to the heart of it as quickly as possible- It is only once we have reached the nub of the issue that we can start being creative and produce the gist of an idea. Being creative can not be a random idea it needs to be linked to the understanding we have gained – the gist needs to stem from the nub. This principle works and many of the best problem solvers use it instinctively. They understanding what lies to the heart of the problem then develop a creative idea to solves it.

Why the Principle Works for Businesses

Businesses can not waste time and money on ideas that do not answer their problems. They have a finite amount of money to spend so having a single “gist” of an idea that underpins everything they do but is directly linked to the heart of their problem means a far more efficient use of precious marketing spend.