Consumer Marketing

Consumer marketing: We have a clear method to maximise the effectiveness of marketing spend. We start by developing an understanding of the target consumer. This allows a unique ownable and compelling proposition to be found to which allows us to produce activity that can quickly deliver results. Taking the idea right through from concept to delivery while staying true to the proposition requires an experienced grasp of marketing disciplines. We believe that even the smallest marketing budgets can deliver results when combined with clear thinking and imagination.

Defining the Issue:  having a clearly defined consumer or business issue allows the activity to meet the real need and avoids marketing vanity projects. Success of the activity is measured against this issue.

Collating information: Gathering consumer, market, social and business information relevant to the issue is essential to fuel the creative process. Relevance is all important so we don't just consider interesting facts we take into account only information that will help us overcome the issue at hand. This requires the ability to use and where relevant commission market research to build a full understanding of the situation.

Insight generation: Coming up with that "aha" moment or penetrating discovery comes from looking at the issue and information imaginatively to see the underlying consumer behaviour.

Implementing the activity: Insights don't bring results - creative implementations that are inspired by a unique, ownable and compelling proposition produce the results. This is the marketing activity that will sell the boxes.